7 Clear Signs of Storm Damage to Your Residential Roof

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When evaluating¬†roof storm damage, it’s essential to look for specific signs. At Sargon Roofing and Restoration, we’ve been repairing roof wind damage for residents for a long time. As a result, we understand what to look for.

Here are seven signs of storm damage to your residential roof.

1) Missing Shingles

The most obvious sign of storm damage, especially from wind, is missing shingles. You will notice missing shingles immediately, but you should also look for broken seals. For instance, a thin line a few inches beneath the higher shingle can suggest that the wind caused flapping and friction.

Minimal granule loss is typical over a period, but regular storms speed up the process. Always replace shingles with vulnerabilities as they will save your roof and your home from more severe and expensive damages.

2) Water Infiltration

Water leaks that appear in the ceiling are likely the result of wind damage. In such cases, your roof’s shingles and underlayment are compromised and need immediate inspections. It’s imperative to contact a local roofing contractor to prevent indoor flooding, especially in the attic or upstairs.

If you choose to inspect your attic, bring a flashlight along and look for dampness and discoloration. Keep in mind that moisture can create mold and mildew, which can cause a severe health threat to your home’s residents. Furthermore, the decay can compromise your roof structure.

3) Debris

Debris appearing around your home’s perimeter is a sign of wind damage. Check your front and back yard and any outdoor patios or furniture sets. The debris will be very evident to residents and should prompt an immediate call to your local roofing company to address the damages.

Of course, debris is prevalent during tornados and one of the greatest threats to your roof during extreme wind storms. But, of course, your priority is to protect yourself and your family and deal with the damages after the storm passes.

4) Broken Tree Limbs

If you notice broken tree limbs in your yard, there is a high probability that the same wind also damaged your roof in some capacity. Tree limbs may even fly off and puncture your roofing system, creating potential leaks. You might even notice your trees swaying before they actually break.

Besides the apparent threat to your safety, broken tree lambs may cause trauma to your shingles and compromise your roofing system’s structure.

5) Chimney Alteration

A crooked chimney is a sign of wind damage on residential roofs. The wind may break flashing seals around the chimney and allow water to seep. Also, you might notice the chimney at a different angle than before the storm, which is a tell-tale sign of severe damage. 

Keep in mind that chimney leaks can be tough to diagnose with the help of a professional roofing company.

6) Ice Dams

Residents of Humble, TX are more worried about wind than snow; however, last year taught us that we can also be susceptible to ice. One sign of roof damage is the formation of ice dams which emerge when the snow melts on top of your residential roofing system.

Failure to address ice dams can result in further damage, including gutter damage and severe water damage. In some cases, the heavy ice dams can break off and threaten anyone inside or nearby the home.

Roofers can more easily treat ice dams in their early formation stages. With this in mind, contact your residential roofing company whenever you see the initial signs.

7) Clogged Gutters

Once the storm clears, check your gutters for clogs and clean them as much as possible. Damaged gutters may cause water to drain improperly and lead to serious foundation problems. Aside from clogging, look for bends and dislocations in your downspouts and gutters.

Gutter damage is more typical after hail storms than wind storms. However, you should check your gutters whenever heavy rains and winds emerge. Fixing gutter damage early will prevent more severe impairments.

Help With Storm Damage Roof Repairs

For help with storm damage roofing repairs in Humble, TX, contact Sargon Roofing today. We are your top option for wind damage roof repair in Humble and surrounding areas. Our team is ready to address your problems and prove sustainable and long-term solutions in 2022.